Disizsick (This is Sick) is a creative street wear brand founded in London. Our brand was originally inspired by people looking for a unique identity. Born from Art, Design and Music, Disizsick is constantly surfing on the cutting edge of trend and fashion.
Disizsick uses high quality products blended with urban street wear inspirations.
Our products are designed and crafted by a team with you in mind. We set the trend and bring it to you; this is why we can provide a unique, yet constantly changing, style experience.
Keep supporting DISIZSICK and we will keep serving up some hot stuff at the top of the game.

The Disizsick team
Pittsburgh Pirates Custom Snapback Hat with Aztecs Stripe Fabric & Red Velvet
  1. Pittsburgh Pirates Custom Snapback Hat with Aztecs Stripe Fabric & Red Velvet

  1. 12 notesTimestamp: Thursday 2012/11/15 16:00:45Source: disizsick.comPittsburgh Piratescustom hatcustom snapbackcustom brimcustom billcustom snap back hatscasquettecasquette customisersnapbacksnapback hatssnap back capssnapback customsnapback custom brimsickswaghathat capdopedisizsickdisizsick hatdisizsick snapbackdisizsick custom capsdisizsick daz it !disizsick daz itdisizsick custom snapback
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